Loft in Tonbridge

We were initially asked to see if we could make a loft conversion work on an older bungalow that had been extended quite a few times previously, after the client had had planning permission by another consultant and a local builder quoted him £175K.

After a site visit and some carefully setting out and utilisation of new technology, we were able to get the building control and structural details passed. We were then instructed by the client to act as his project manager to get the works on site for the structural and waterproofing element. This was tendered and the most suitable contractor, we then negotiated the contract as the client supplied the materials. The works were then completed within time and on a substantially reduced budget (than the original quoted by another builder), including various structural surprises that were found during the build. The client is doing the second fix elements himself.

The clients finishing works are still on going.

“When I employed you to oversee my building works, I expected that I would get someone who would assist me in choosing good cost effective builders, who would liaise effectively with the council buildings regulations staff and who would manage changes of plans with builders and the buildings regulations people to produce cost effective and hassle free solutions. This I got and was quite happy with.

What I didn’t expect or foresee was the 2 additional items as detailed below:

1) I didn’t realise that when you employed a structural engineer, you could issue instructions on how he does his calculation and keep sending his results back until you were satisfied. Since this is what you did do it has resulted in the final building being much more spacious than it would have been. So a better overall result has been obtained because of your efforts.

2) I didn’t think that it was part of your remit to calculate what materials were required and to advise on how, where and when to purchase them. Since I handled the tenders I can see that this aspect easily saved me what I paid you and then some.” – T. H.