Structural Engineering Services

Site inspections, assessments and reports

T BeamWhen there is an issue with a structural element, possibly highlighted within a house buyers survey, We are able to independently assess and report on this issue.

Assessments of a noted defects to see if it is ongoing or settled, along with suggestions of either further investigations or remedial works.

  • Chimney breast removal and stability.
  • Defective lintels and beams.
  • Cracking to internal and external walls associated with ground movement and subsidence.
  • Effects of trees adjacent to existing or a proposed extension.
  • Feasibility of new works.

Structural calculations and computations

Preparing and computing structural loadings and calculations for your extension and alteration work, including steel beams (RSJ) and posts, padstones and foundations, timber and composite timber beams (Flitch Beams). Inspecting for beam overloading, roof spread, wall tie failure.

This could be as simple as confirming whether a wall is load bearing, to complex splice detail to beams, to allow for manhandling for loft conversions, to portal frames (Goal post and Picture frame systems) to allow for full width rear openings to accommodate wind loading as well as the loads transferred from the house.

We can either prepare all the relevant drawings and detailing in-house, or alternatively work with your own architect and contractor to produce simple and workable designs.

Our Structural Engineers cover:

  • Loft conversions, both dormer and rooflight alterations.
  • Extensions.
  • Alterations and beams (structural internally)
  • Through lounge.
  • Knock through kitchen / diner.
  • Bi-fold doors.
  • Refurbishments.
  • Repairs and subsequent strengthening.
  • Retrospective calculations for works already under taken.

beam and post beam-splice rear extension